January 4, 2012


SODROX CHEMICALS LTD. is committed to the health, safety and security of our employees, customers and the natural environment, throughout all phases of our product distribution.

By optimizing safety awareness with all employees, accidents will be minimized. To this end, the following commitment is set for all;

  • Responsibly manage business to ensure recognized health, safety, environmental, security and legal requirements are met.
  • Ensure health, safety, security and environmental hazards associated with company activities are identified, assessed and managed.
  • Ensure all employees adhere to health, safety, security and environmental standards and procedures.
  • Assess health, safety, security and environmental concerns before entering into new ventures or activities.
  • Communicate with employees, customers, the public and governments, in a timely
  • fashion, on the health, safety, security and environmental aspects of the company’s operations and product.
  • Require and train each employee to work and act safely at all times and to accept his or her personal responsibility for their health, safety, security and environmental performance.

This statement is an expression of Sodrox Chemicals Ltd. continuing commitment to the best possible health, safety, security and accident prevention. This is a reminder of the important responsibility borne by each of us.

H. Thomas Jarvis