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Sodrox Chemicals Ltd. Best-in-Class Supply, Delivery and Storage of Intermediate Bulk Chemical Products.



Aluminum Sulphate

Caustic Soda Solution

CIP N Acidizer

Etch B

Ferric Sulphate

Hydrochloric Acid

Nitric Acid

Nitric Acid 58 RI

Phosphoric Acid 36% Solution

Phosphoric Acid 75% Solution

Phosphoric Acid 85% Solution

Potassium Hydroxide

SoBrite 80

SoBrite, SoBrite LC

SoBrite FS

SoBrite LCN

Sodium Bisulphite

Sodium Hydroxide 20 TO 25%

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 12%

Sodrox BW

Sodrox BW-ADD

Sodrox Marine AC

So-Fer 50

Sulphuric Acid